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Tramika Craddock, Certified Lifestyle Coach, is a strategist who helps women with strategies for favorable outcomes. She works with clients to help them utilize their strongest skills and abilities and shift their thinking to create effective action plans to move them to the next place of success, in whatever area it is that they are "stuck" in their lives. Tramika Craddock specializes in coaching Moms to maintain Rhythm in Life, Family & Work or Business! She does this with strategic planning and organization, time-management & self-care.


Tramika has mentored women, both young and old for numerous years. She has helped them to overcome doubt, fear, and procrastination. Walking them through a process of strategic steps to guide them to the next place in their lives. Those areas have been low self-esteem, gaining or establishing healthy relationships including marriage, entrepreneurship, and others. As a Certified Life Coach, she takes things to the next level. Not only with her current mentees, but she has coached many women and is ready to help other women around the world. Not only has she helped to obtain success for her mentees & clients, but she also has her own personal success, as a Wife, Mother, and Business, she is a Wife-Mom-Preneur!

"When I became a wife, mother, entrepreneur, I had no tools in my tool bag for the task at hand. The only thing I knew is when the change happened in my life it was time to step-up, be strong, and perform to the best of my ability! The only problem is I became stressed-out, overwhelmed, experienced fatigue, and much more. Sometimes I even dealt with self-doubt... how was I supposed to love a husband when I was abandoned by my father, how was I supposed to take care of and love children, when I was abused myself as a child... & starting a business, working for someone, was the only thing I knew, I had worked since I was 16... But there was something in me that always said, shake it off, be strong and do it for your family! I then started thinking to myself, it has to be an easier way. There has to be a way that I can be a wife who is supportive and loving, a mother who is loving, nurturing & patient and fulfill my own dreams and self-identity as a business owner, all at once and still maintain my sense of self, my energy and time!

Sure enough, I was right! A strategic plan!


The journey I took to becoming a loving wife, multitasking mother, and entrepreneur was Amazing! Along the way, I learned that I had to create a strategic plan of what I wanted my life to look like as a wife, mother, and business owner and work the plan, step by step & day by day! It was no easy task, but I can successfully say today that I have created a healthy balance that works for my family & me. Now I'm able to share these tips, tools, and strategies with other wives, mothers, and female business owners around the world and help them create a strategic plan of their own!"

*Excerpt from "WifeMomPreneur" by Tramika Craddock

Tramika is an Author of "WifeMomPreneur- My Journey," Best Selling- Women Empowerment book, and also the founder of Mom Squad Worldwide, a membership community for Moms, looking to become the best version of themselves through, support, inspiration and connection. This community  provides Strength, Help & Empowerment for moms around the world, to link up and share their gifts, business and talents with one another, it's a place to also find resources. These women work together, win together and celebrate one another.


What  Clients Say!

"The Planning for the 1st Quarter of the year class reminded me what the word plan means. one cannot wait until the New Year is upon us to start planning for it. Tramika made the idea of setting goals and obtaining them less overwhelming. Even the best planners can benefit from the class by using it to reset your mind and get you geared up for the year ahead of us. Thank you Tramika!"

~S. Shealey

"Attending the session for Building a Solid Weekly Schedule was OUTSTANDING and I would definitely recommend this session for any & everyone that has a very busy schedule. Tramika provided great visuals to help plan a day-to-day schedule. It has helped to manage my household & family activities outside of my daily work schedule. Thanks again for everything Tramika...Great job!"


"Had the most AMAZING session with coach Tramika Craddock! I was awakened internally and convicted as needed; I received confirmation on some necessary steps towards my future and most importantly, I feel INSPIRED and EMPOWERED more than ever!


Tramika you are truly gifted in the services you provide! May God continue to grow and bless!"

~Titania Deshay

" I would like to take time out to thank Tramika Craddock. She created my website, she did a amazing job! Tramika took her time and implemented everything exactly the way I wanted it. I'm very satisfied and happy with my website and you will be to!"

~S. Bray

"From dysfunctional family matters to marital issues, I've always felt I could confide in Tramika. She's not only kept my problems confidential but she was able to relate and provide Godly counsel. She recommended practical tips and self-help books that I found very useful and still refer back to until this day. I thank God that I am able to reach out to her for support in life and hopes that she continues o be a blessing to others."

~Anonymous client

" I believe the questions Mrs. Tramika asked helped me understand my purpose. She was able to provide strategies based on the interpretation of the results of the answers I provided her.

It TRULY was confirmation!"

~Jasmine A.

" When I first met Tramika, I never knew she would have such a impact on my life. She helped me find who I was and what I wanted to be in life. She helped me build a connection with God through dance and ever since then it has been greatness. Tramika has always encouraged me and others through prayer and advice.

She is truly a blessing and great role model."

~Lapria Marshall

"Tramika has been God sent in my life in more ways than one, especially in the area of building my faith & trust in God as a wife. There is no perfect marriage & Tramika showed me how the good days definitely outweigh the bad days if you trust & believe God will see you/me through. She helps me to change my negative thinking into positive thinking in any given situation. "

~Tracy Bullock

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