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Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Employee, or Business Owner. Every Woman desires to be her very best in every area of her life! As women, we will do whatever it takes to put on the crown of glory to say, “I know I’m GREAT, no matter what I do!” We even torture ourselves with endless sacrifices, while attempting to be “super mom,” “a trophy wife,” and so much more. To everyone who sees us, we seem to have it all together, but we are not at peace with who we are. When we become so overwhelmed, stressed, fatigued and defeated, it starts to show for all to see. Do we just give up and let “life” take control of who we are, who we were meant to be? Finding a balance between every part of your life - unreachable. Finding time for yourself - impossible.

What if it was all possible? …. Possible to be the Loving Wife, that Multi-Tasking Mother, and still have time and energy left to be the BEST YOU that you desire to be! From following your own dreams to taking time for yourself, BEING GREAT IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE IS POSSIBLE!

Tramika Craddock is a Certified Life Coach who has cracked the code to creating a best balance to your life. Her journey takes her from being who she thought she could never be to being a Great Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur.


Tramika inspires you with truth and encouragement as she discusses her goals towards finding purpose and passion in the things that meant the most to her: her Marriage, her Children and her Dreams. This book is meant to empower others to do the same, while offering practical tools for you to start living the life you desire.


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