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Tramika Craddock

Tramika Craddock, Event Creator for Moms, and Mompreneur for 12+ years, helps create Space & Experiences for Busy Moms. Tramika also teaches systems and strategies in four main areas,  time/priority management, planning, organization & self-care, to help Moms live their best lives now, without compromising family! Tramika is also the Founder of Mom Squad Worldwide, a Mom community that helps moms become the best  version of themselves through inspiration, support and connection. Tramika is a dynamic Author, speaks to 2500 moms annually and has coached100+ Moms live a life they love. Tramika is the creator of MOMscape & Mom Squad Retreat, getaways for Moms that allow them to reset, rest, have fun & connect with other moms.

reset retreat 2022

Retreat 2022


Nikki Howard

Nikki is a multi-passionate creative, corporate legal professional, and personal-development consultant. Her strength, faith, and self-determination has been exemplified by learning to successfully navigate her 20+ year corporate career despite entering with a GED; and triumphing through the complexities of being a teen-mom and single parent. (Raising teenage daughters as a young mom and healing the mother/daughter relationship “ain’t for the weak”.)


Nikki’s own journey of self-discovery, and path to inner peace and personal success has led to a continued passion of life-long learning, spiritual growth, and self development.  She has studied, integrated, and achieved certifications in strengths-based coaching methods, and her favorite self-awareness tool, Human Design. Human Design is a powerful tool that helps give multi-layered insight into your authentic self (how you were created), and reconnect you to your true identity and life purpose.


As a Human Design consultant, she supports other creative leaders to understand and align with their unique flow, manage and maximize their personal energy, and navigate the progressions experienced during different phases of life. Ultimately helping them to reach their own deep sense of purpose, fulfillment and inner freedom. 


Nikki lives out her creative expression through documentary photography, traveling, and her love of old school music. She is a proud Native New Yorker and her heart extends in human form through her adult daughter (a flourishing creative entrepreneur and elite Officer for the Dekalb County Police Department), and her ever-energetic grandson, Jace.


Felicia J. Campbell

Felicia J. Campbell affectionately known as Lady C. the wife to Pastor Vincent E. Campbell, mother of 2 beautiful girls, Mia & Madisen, the First Lady at The Faith Center, and a sister-friend coach to every woman who is dedicated to walking out God’s calling for their life. As a Woman’s advocate, Lady C is passionate about nurturing and encouraging women in all facets of life to be their highest and best self in Christ. Lady C’s mission in life is to help you free yourself from self-imposed limitations to win the fight of becoming the woman you were created to be. Lady C’s character, strength, dedication and organization is being put to good use as ministry goes forth to impact the world for the kingdom of God.

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reset retreat 2022

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