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mother's day

As Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother's Day Weekend overlap, we just want to give back to moms everywhere! We know you need to feel loved & appreciated. We love you, see all the hard work you are doing, appreciate you and honor you! To show how much, we here at Mom Squad Worldwide want to offer you a complimentary sessions/workshops only ticket, to get away, connect with yourself and other moms! We know you need a break, so we are giving you an ESCAPE! Happy Mother's Day!


With this Half Day Ticket to MOMscape Conference, mothers can:

  • Take a break from the grind of everyday life

  • Opportunity to connect and network with other women

  • Rest & Relax

  • Increase health and happiness

  • Learn new things with inspiring workshops

  • Increase work/life balance

  • Potentially lower stress, anxiety & burn-out


Conference date: June 10th, 2023

Time: 8:30am-2:00pm

Location: Alpharetta GA

Life-Changing Workshops

    Topics include: Self-worth/Self-Love, Self-Care, Marriage & Dating, Financial Mindset, Connecting with Teens/Preteens, Blended Families, Parenting Adult Children

Celebrity Guest, Mama Marketplace, Mama Lounge & Fun Activities

Does not include full weekend activities.

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