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Tramika Craddock

Tramika Craddock is a talented event creator and author who supports busy moms. She empowers mothers, providing support, fostering connections, and offering inspiration. Tramika is the mastermind behind the Momscape conference, a life-changing event for overwhelmed moms. She is also the founder of Mom Squad Worldwide Agency Inc., an organization dedicated to improving maternal mental health, including a Mom Squad Partnership Community. Tramika enjoys literature, home decor projects, and spending time with loved ones.

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Dr. Anita Phillips

is a trauma therapist, life coach, and minister. Widely recognized as a thought leader at the intersection of mental health, faith, and culture, Dr. Anita holds degrees from the University of Maryland and Regent University and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is a dynamic speaker and podcast host who adores her family and friends, a good pint of ice cream, and sitting by the ocean.

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Mel B. Cook

Mel B. Cook has been dominating in life and in business for over 20 years. At an early age, she understood the importance of self-discipline, hard work, and consistency.

Mel has served in leadership, managerial, and other influential roles for several Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and health systems. She has received her master’s degree in strategic communication from American University and has over 20 years creating and implementing business and communication based workshops and courses. In addition, Mel has managed over a hundred employees, created numerous outreach programs, and facilitated conversations for diverse audiences. 


Outside of being a seasoned professional, Mel is survivor of sexual assault, abandonment, a broken home, and depression. As a result, she understands the power of community, healthy living and leading with passion. Mel is committed to being the change she desires to see in the world by leading one conversation at a time and inspiring others to live a full life. 

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Felicia J. Campbell
"Lady C"

Felicia J. Campbell affectionately known as Lady C. the wife to Pastor Vincent E. Campbell, mother of 2 beautiful girls, Mia & Madisen, the First Lady at The Faith Center, and a sister- friend coach to every woman who is dedicated to walking out God’s calling for their life. As Woman’s advocate, Lady C is passionate about nurturing and encouraging women in all facets of life to be their highest and best self in Christ. Lady C’s mission in life is to help you free yourself from self-imposed limitations to win the fight of becoming the woman you were created to be. Lady C’s character, strength, dedication and organization is being put to good use as ministry goes forth to impact the world for the kingdom of God.

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Precious K. Williams

Precious K. Williams is a mom coach and motivational wellness speaker based in metropolitan Atlanta, GA. She is also the founder of "Simply Passionate Life" (SPL), a lifestyle brand and wellness platform for moms on a mission to build generational health. Precious educates moms on how to L.I.F.T themselves first to create a ripple effect in the health of their families!

Her mission is to train moms on how to LIGHTEN their load, IGNITE their spark, and embrace a FREEDOM mindset, so they can finally TAKE their turn in their own lives and build generational health. Precious earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science at Howard University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Georgia State University. Before becoming a mother she lost 75 lbs to transform her life and health. As a result, she is extremely passionate about education and holistic health promotion. With her  experience as a loving mom of three and faithful wife of one, Precious coaches her clients and audience that generational health starts with you, "You can’t afford to put off your health another day; it’s mom’s turn!"

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Dr. Dionne Middlebrooks

Dr. Middlebrooks is the owner of Reign Physical Therapy and Wellness located in Stockbridge, GA. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Emory University and completed undergraduate studies at Charleston Southern University. She is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and also specializes in pelvic, perinatal, and vestibular conditions. Dr. Middlebrooks has numerous certifications within physical therapy and uses her knowledge to serve in various roles in the community as an active board member for several nonprofits. As an adjunct professor and professional mentor, she seeks to help empower clinicians with competence and compassion. Dr. Middlebrooks is the wife of a navy veteran and delighted to be the mother of three. Her and her husband manage their various professional roles while homeschooling their young children and are active in their local church. As someone who is passionate about overall well-being, Dr. Middlebrooks seeks to live an active lifestyle and continually pursue learning while encouraging others to do the same.

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Antonese Davis

Self-Care: How to Take Your Power Back:

In a world filled with constant demands and distractions, reclaiming your power through self-care is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. In this empowering and transformative session, we delve into the art of self-care as a profound tool for regaining control over your life. Unveiling the secrets of self-empowerment, "Self-Care: How to Take Your Power Back" guides you through a journey of introspection and actionable steps to rediscover your inner strength. Explore the vital connection between self-care and personal empowerment, understanding how nurturing yourself is the key to unlocking your full potential. From practical strategies for establishing self-care routines to cultivating a mindset that fosters resilience, this session is a roadmap for anyone seeking to break free from the shackles of stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Learn to set boundaries, prioritize your well-being, and embrace self-care as a revolutionary act of self-love.

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Anita Prendergast

Anita Prendergast is the founder of Village Academy for Families, LLC. She is a Certified Relationship Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. Her mission is to help enhance family well-being by incorporating therapeutic touch into their everyday life. She does this through her online courses and live seminars that teach building and maintaining healthy relationships using positive touch. 


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Pretty Stringz

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Jasmene Bowdry

Special guest

Special guest

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MOMscape 2024-4.jpg

Danielle Pettiford

Danielle Pettiford co-founded of Couples Academy, a relationship-based learning institute focused on placing couples on the path to fulfillment, is a certified relationship coach specializing in personality typology. With over two decades of marriage experience and the personal insights gained from raising four daughters, Danielle leverages her life's lessons to enrich her coaching.

She is the author of "Let's Agree to Agree," "The Power of Oneness,", and "The Unearthed 12-Week Devotional," and also co-authored "The Audacity of Marriage: 10 Principles for Lifelong Partnership." Danielle also developed the Unearthed Program, a transformative 12-week experience aimed at recognizing and releasing past traumas through self-discovery.

Danielle's influence extends across various platforms, including intensive workshops for individuals and groups, women's retreats, and coaching programs. Her engaging speaking engagements have made her a sought-after voice both in the US and abroad. Dedicated to making a difference, Danielle has empowered countless women to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships with God, self, and others.

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Kaara Kiddoe

Healing Together: Understanding

How Triggers and Trauma Impact Our Relationships

Learn the interplay between trauma, triggers, and our most cherished relationships. In this enlightening talk, led by trauma therapist, Kaara Kiddoe LCSW, we'll delve into the profound ways past traumas shape our present connections and influence our responses within them.

We'll unravel the complexities of how past wounds can manifest as emotional triggers, impacting intimacy, trust, and communication dynamics. From recognizing trigger responses to cultivating trauma-informed approaches to relational healing, this talk offers practical insights and strategies for fostering deeper understanding, connection, and growth in our relationships.

Whether you're seeking to strengthen your bond with a partner, family member, or friend, this talk provides valuable tools to navigate the journey of healing together.

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Valerie Lewis

Valerie Lewis is regarded as an inspirational, skilled and masterful educator. She is proud in tooting her own horn in sharing that “the art and science of teaching comes naturally” and her 23 years of experience in education and  impacting lives of youth in and out of the classroom contribute to that. Her ability to design learning experiences around students’ desires and interests is her superpower. 


As a high school special education teacher of Language Arts and Fine Arts Academy Lead, she was recognized as the local school’s Teacher of the Year (2016) in Gwinnett County, GA where she then moved into the role of high school administrator.


Her affinity for underserved populations fuels her passion for doing the right work for each and every student. Her influence easily draws the attention of others and pushes them to their better self. 


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