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Meal Planning Essentials


Building a solid weekly schedule l

Planning for the 2nd Qtr of 2017

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These Group Seminars are designed to help you live a more organized and balanced life. These Group Seminars are available through Private Facebook Live Only. You must have Periscope at the time of Seminar to participate.


Seminars are being offered as group so that cost can be lowered, each Seminar is $30 ($55 value) for a 40 minute session that includes time for questions & workbook. If interested in all 3 Seminars, they  are available for $75 total. If you would like a private session, private sessions (Success strategy sessions) are 60 minutes at the cost of $75. You may schedule a private session on the BOOK ONLINE page. All payments securely made via PayPal.

Seminar Registration Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and Seminars cannot be rescheduled. Seminars will be at date and time stated. Each Seminar will start and finish promptly on time.


Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with 24 hrs including your workbook. If you don’t receive your email, please contact Coach Tramika directly.


For more questions or concerns, please contact d Coach Tramika directly.


"Attending the session for Building a Solid Weekly Schedule was OUTSTANDING and I would definitely recommend this session for any & everyone that has a very busy schedule. Tramika provided great visuals to help plan a day-to-day schedule. It has helped to manage my household & family activites outside of my daily work schedule. Thanks again for everything Tramika...Great job!"



"The Planning for the 1st Quarter of 2017 class reminded me what the word plan means. one cannot wait until the New Year is upon us to start planning for it. Tramika made the idea of setting goals and obtaining them less overwhelming. Even the best planners can benefit from the class by using it to reset your mind and get you geared up for the year ahead of us. Thank you Tramika!"

~S. Shealey

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