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Virtual Webinar

May 5th 10am-11am

Only 10 spots available

$50- Secure you spot today!

Do you have a child who is talented?

Do you have a child that desires to be on television?

Do you have a child that dreams of becoming an Actor?

Want to know the how you get your child or yourself started as an extra?

Then this Webinar is for you!

Tramika Craddock, mother of 3 has managed her children and landed them bookings in over 5 recent movies, including Black Panther and several stage plays, including Lion Jr. at the Infinite Energy Arena.

Join Tramika during webinar as she shares exactly how she started on her own to get her children BOOKED!

This Webinar will include the following topics:

  • Proper resume

  • Photo requirements

  • How to find casting opportunities

  • How to proper submit for a role

  • What to expect during auditions

  • What to expect on set

  • How to properly fill out paperwork

  • Requirements for parents of child actors

  • & much more!

You will walk away what a guide on how to get started on your own!

Tramika Craddock is not an agent, Tramika Craddock cannot guarantee bookings.

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